This document establishes EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s Guarantee Policy for clients that acquire DALED’s® lamps. This policy applies only to DALED’s® lamps purchased in Spain. For other countries special conditions will be applied (in line with the country’s legislation).


This Guarantee Policy is subject to the conditions set out in this document, completing the individual and/or general conditions in attached documents signed by EXPERIENCIA AHORRO and the Client.


This Guarantee Policy is only valid when a contract is signed between EXPERIENCIA AHORRO and the Client, and will be replaced with the standard guarantee clauses provided in EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s general


1. Guarantee Period.


Except as provided by the terms outlined in the Terms of Guarantee Policy and established hereunder, clients receives during the applicable warranty period described in the invoice issued in the form of sale.


2. Special Conditions.


The warranty period begins on the date that is labeled on the invoice.


• The warranty period is based on a performance of 4,380 hours / year (12 hours/day) for the Guarantee maximum applied.

• If you have a daily operation which is more than 12 hours then a personal guarantee will be established with the client.

• Customer does not depend on any other information or documentation as laid down in the Invoice and Warranty Policy.


This guarantee covers DALED’s® products applied in applications for which they were designed or "normal use" which is defined as follows:


• Operating conditions are consistent with the information reflected in the packaging and assembly instructions;

• Ambient temperature should never exceed the operating temperature range (-20 to + 45 ° C);

• Relative humidity in the installation must never exceed 80% RH and should never exceed the IP model category DALED® where appropriate;

• DALED® must function with an open luminaire, with at least 20mm of air around;

• The electrical installation that work with DALED® should not be subject to voltage fluctuations within a range that exceeds 230V +/- 10%.



3. Summary of Conditions Warranty Policy (not limited).


• This warranty applies only to DALED’s® products which are sold in Spain. In other countries other conditions may be applied.

• DALED® must be installed properly and operated according to the instructions of EXPERIENCIA AHORRO.

• You must keep an adequate record of operating history that will be available for EXPERIENCIA AHORRO’s inspection.

• A representative of EXPERIENCIA AHORRO will have access to DALED’s® defective products. If the Products or other parts are under suspicion, EXPERIENCIA AHORRO representative shall be entitled to invite representatives of other manufacturers to evaluate lighting systems.

• DALED® be purchased directly EXPERIENCIA AHORRO or authorized distributors.

• The invoice or contract of DALED® products will be available for inspection EXPERIENCIA AHORRO

• This warranty does not cover labor costs for disassembly and assembly of the DALED® products.





1. Limited Warranty.


The warranty described herein is only valid for products of lighting DALED® EXPERIENCIA AHORRO brand sold in the territory of Spain. This policy is only valid for customers who purchase the products directly to EXPERIENCE AHORRO® or through distributors authorized by the manufacturer. EXPERIENCE AHORRO® guarantee the absence of defects in material and workmanship in DALED®. The foregoing warranty is valid for the period mentioned in the share of products listed DALED® Invoice and Certificate corresponding Guarantee issued. If a product does not work under this warranty EXPERIENCE AHORRO® replace the defective product free of charge subject to the provisions of the applicable Warranty Policy and the terms of the limited warranty set forth below.


2. Conditions.


• The guarantee applies only EXPERIENCIA AHORRO Customer. If the Customer returns any of the products covered by this warranty in accordance with Clause 3, within the applicable warranty period set and after further consideration EXPERIENCE AHORRO® determines that the Product does not meet this warranty, repair EXPERIENCIA AHORRO or replace, at its option, the DALED® defective Product or component thereof (excluding furniture, and other optional adapters), or return to Customer a product of equal or similar features. In order to avoid confusion, "he DALED® repair or replace the defective Product or component thereof". In the mode of sale, does not include activities, costs or expenses of disassembly and assembly that may occur.

• If EXPERIENCE AHORRO® DALED® elects to replace the product, but can not because it is no longer manufactured or available, EXPERIENCE AHORRO® can replace the product with a comparable (whose design or specifications may vary slightly) equal quality or higher than it is under warranty.

• The agents, dealers or agents are not authorized to change, modify or extend any aspects of the terms of the limited warranty on behalf of EXPERIENCE AHORRO®.

• This limited warranty applies only when the DALED® Product is connected and installed correctly, and is working with the electrical values, operating range and environmental conditions provided in the specifications, application guidelines, IEC standards or any other document supplied with DALED®. If it is determined that an DALED® Product is defective or not working according to the specifications of the product, Customer must give written notice to EXPERIENCE AHORRO® within 15 days from that event occurs.

• EXPERIENCIA AHORRO provide the technical solution of the problems of DALED® products. The party products sold through EXPERIENCE AHORRO® are not covered by this warranty, except as specified in clause 5.

• This warranty does not apply to damage or malfunction due to force majeure or any kind of misuse, abuse, abnormal use or use that violates the rules, codes or instructions for use, including without limitation the contained in the regulations on safety, industry and / or more recent and relevant force in regions electricity.

• This warranty longer valid in the case of persons not authorized by EXPERIENCE AHORRO® writing duly made some kind of repair or modification of DALED®. EXPERIENCE AHORRO® reserves the right to make the final decision on the validity of any warranty claim.

• If EXPERIENCE AHORRO® request, the DALED® nonconforming or defective products will belong to EXPERIENCE AHORRO® immediately after being substituted.


3. Warranty Claims.


All warranty periods mentioned are subject to a representative EXPERIENCE AHORRO® can access the defective product or system to check the nonconformity. Warranty claims must be reported and returned to EXPERIENCE AHORRO® within 15 days of identification, and should specify the following minimum information (may be contacted for additional information):


• Serial Number DALED® defective product; for guarantees System, you must also specify other products shipped.

• Installation date and invoice date.

• Detailed description of the problem, number and% of failures.

• Application, hours of daily operation and switching cycles.

• When the warranty claim is justified, EXPERIENCE AHORRO® bear the cost of parts and labor to repair the product DALED®, or replaced if necessary, but not transportation, the Customer must send the DALED® repair products prepaid and they will send once repaired by the carrier chosen by the Customer on delivery, with its responsibility once they leave EXPERIENCIA AHORRO stores.

• EXPERIENCE AHORRO® may invoice Customer returned Products that are not defective or non-conforming together with the freight, testing and associated management.


4. Non Implied Warranties or guarantees.


• The warranty and remedies contained in the terms of the limited warranty are the only warranties offered by EXPERIENCE AHORRO® regarding DALED®, and are in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including without limitation warranties merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which have no effect on the present.

• These conditions constitute the entire responsibilities and obligations to the Customer Experience AHORRO® and the sole and exclusive remedy Client regarding defective or non-conforming Products supplied by EXPERIENCE AHORRO®, regardless of whether the damage in question are based on guarantees not mentioned explicitly in the present conditions, wrongful acts contractual or other legal course, even if EXPERIENCE AHORRO® has been advised of such defects or in your knowledge.


5. Limitations and conditions.


• This is a limited warranty and excludes, among other things, access to products (scaffolding, elevators, etc.) and special, incidental and indirect (such as loss of revenue / profits, damage to property or other costs expanded not listed above), and moreover, limitations and conditions laid down in the respective warranty policy and these terms extend its definition.

• Access, upon request, to representatives of EXPERIENCE AHORRO® the Product, or defective system application to check the nonconformity is permitted.

• EXPERIENCE AHORRO® not responsible for the conditions of electricity supply, including surges, voltage fluctuations control systems ripple current exceeding the limits specified products and standards defined in relevant supply .

• With respect to products sold by EXPERIENCIA AHORRO Customer but are not the DALED® brand or its secondary brands, EXPERIENCE AHORRO® no warranty, express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose; however, Customer shall make available upon request, but only to the extent permitted by law and the relevant contracts, manufacturer warranties specific product.


6. Artwork.


In order to show others Customers different applications DALED® products, EXPERIENCE AHORRO® you can take pictures of them during the contract period on the premises of the Customer and use the Artwork designed for this purpose (examples: catalogs, magazine advertising, website, e-mailing, presentations, ..., or any other means that are not included in the above).


7. Protection of Personal Data.


The personal data provided and on the user, contained in these Conditions are essential for the proper administration of contractual relations between the parties, and will be incorporated into a file for EXPERIENCIA AHORRO. However, such data may be used by EXPERIENCIA AHORRO to send you promotional information about products and services of interest to you. If the customer does not wish to receive updates on products or services offered by EXPERIENCE AHORRO®, or want to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition information, you may contact: EXPERIENCE AHORRO®, Att. Dept. Of LOPD, P.I. Cantos White, Polygon 2, C / Francisco Medina and Mendoza, Plot 29, 19171, Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara) or send a message to the email administracion@experienciahorro.es. Similarly, the data may be communicated to third parties belonging to the group in order to maintain the contractual relationship and / or transmit business information on them.