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Last 1212 energy bills.


Number of luminaires or luminaires that need to be replaced.


Height at which they are installed.


Current output of the lamps in Watts.


Annual lighting maintenance costs.


Annual cost of replacement of lighting.



How to have modernize your lighting with zero costs

Discover how to modernize your lighting system without having to realize any further investments. A change that will mean significant savings on your energy bill and also an important improve on your competitiveness and sustainability with the environment.


We are nowadays living the raise of LED technology with has many advantages compared to other outdated technologies which have low efficiency. LED technology is fully in line with environmental awareness since it supposes cost savings in terms of energy.


We will analyze your lighting, knowing your current situation and therefore been able to improve the efficiency of your installation.


We provide you advise so you don´t have to worry about anything

With DALED® you will receive free advice. We will analyze the final year of your lighting costs. With that information we will be able to know the current status of your installation and after we will give you proposals so that you may achieve your desired savings


Obsolete technologies may suppose high energy cost since sometimes they represent up to 60% of the total budget


Once the energy installation study has been realized, we will discuss together with you new ideas (involving the installation of LED technology). You will have direct savings since there is no investment required




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