DALED® is always aiming to provide clients with a service and product that excels in quality, and therefore establishes a difference in each and every one of the internal processes. DALED’s® production is a small scale one, a competitive advantage that allows us to offer a more selective and trustworthy product with an extraordinary relation price/performance.


DALED® offers a guarantee which stands for the useful lifespan of the product, been therefore able to comply with maximum quality of the lighting as well as long-term resistance.


DALED® has the ISO-9001:2008 e ISO 14001:2004 certification which defines the "design, production, sale and installations of LED lighting" of the product. Distinguishing insurance of the traceability to the number of series.


DALED’s® brand is guaranteed by SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A. -  (Electricity Section).


DALED’s® luminaires meet the technical standards of design and fabrication that are required by law and in accordance with the parameters that need to be verified during the operation of the luminaire, such as: luminous Flux (Lm), luminance (lux), power consumption (Wh) sealing and impact protection.




LED technology iis constantly evolving, allowing us to increase the possibilities in the lighting field


Following an exhaustive analysis on the components used in the manufacturing of DALED’s® products, we can assure that we are going to maximize the advantages of LED technology since we are working with the best LEDs that exist on the market, excellent optical systems and optimum luminaires


Our main goal is to ensure a properly heat dissipation that may guarantee the useful lifespan of the LEDs


With an optimal performance, constant luminous flow is not depreciated overtime and therefore light’s color is not affected


DALED’s® technology offers:



•  Direct savings on the energy bill.


•  Durability and a significant improvement on light’s quality


•  And efficient and economical solution for public and private street lighting.



The use in the design of different optical systems allows us to make a difference in the optimization of LEDs efficiency .


The key is to ensure a better control of the lighting that assures higher visual comfort which comes from the optimal optical design.


Therefore, in DALED® we are provided with suitable optical systems that maximize the potential of LEDs technology, appropriate to each design, guaranteeing our clients maximum luminous performance.


What are the most suitable lenses for LEDs?


Depending on how you want to control the light, in DALED® we are constantly looking for the most suitable optical solutions for the environment, which will vary depending on the applications or lighting needs, existing therefore different possibilities.


That does not mean that there is only one type of luminaire that is the best one. It means that depending on each situation we will choose a different luminaire depending on the specific needs required.


What is CRI (Color Rendering Index)?


A measure of the degree of movement in the color that objects undergo when illuminated by a light source compared with those same objects when illuminated by a reference source of comparable color temperature. The reference source has a CRI of 100.


LED Technology has a high color rendering index higher than 75% (20 cri vsap), allowing not only to have a more realistic perception of colored objects, but also to provide huge benefits for basic crucial things such as road safety and visual comfort at night.


What is CCT (Correlated Color Temperature)?


The absolute temperature of a black body whose chromaticity resembles more closely to the one of the light source. Usually specified in Kelvin (K). The lower the Kelvin temperature is, the warmer the light feels.


LED technology also allows the emission of white color temperatures, which achieves maximize light perception by the human eye .



With the light control, we can create different environments that ensure durability of the LEDs as well as optimizing the LEDs energy efficiency.


That is why DALED® provides control systems and different alternatives for power settings, which through different controls and software drivers design for that purpose, guarantee savings obtained.


New source  for DALED® GR


Following our commitment with the environment, we have created a power supply which has a longer lifespan and therefore will allow us to get an intelligent light control and a higher durability of the GR models.


Advantages of DALED® GR


For this reason our devise manages the supply and intensity of the LED, allowing it not to overheat.


We should also add the effectiveness of its design, ensuring the durability of the source during the warranty period, in accordance with other components.


Long-life LED


These are the measures that allows us to avoid that LED will be exposed to high temperatures, guaranteeing a longer time lifespan of the luminaires.


Power management software


Our system, DALED® GR, allows us to connect each lamp or line of lamps regulating the energy consumed, without the need of additional cable data.


We achieve this sending data through radio frequency, providing each lumaire with the power required at each moment.



It is as important the use of a leading brand in LEDs, as it is to ensure that it remains at full capacity throughout its useful lifespan.


One of the main enemies that LED has is heat, so once the product is finished we have to be sure that the energy converted into heat during operation has a proper dissipation.


A good thermal design will allow us to improve significantly the useful lifespan of the product and also to maintain the temperature of the product in the recommended range.



What kind of sink is the best Conductor?


For the support of the LED modules, we work with extruded aluminum. A material that is designed to handle heat dissipation due to its exceptional heat conductivity. This system ensures a longer lifespan and maximum LED performance



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