With DALED’s® GR software and the Power Supply that DALED® has developed, DALED® offers a tool for the management, monitoring and controlling of the lights. This tool allows us to manage remotely all the lights individually, in addition to exploiting all its operating parameters, been able to facilitate intensity variation providing the targeted luminaire that is needed in each situation.


An efficient and complete system which is also easy to use, creating a lighted network which is safe and economic.


The system proposed by DALED®, will allow us a central management , providing us decrease consumption and have more control of the energy consumed. This is done thanks to the permanent analysis of the network which is lighted up, diminishing as well broadcasts of CO2 and creating a lighting system more efficient and ecological.


Without maintenance costs .


Low energy consumption.


Increase of security.



DALED®  GR, is a computer application which is design to manage any installation that has DALED’s® technology (mainly OUTDALED and INDUSTRIALDALED), which allows to regulate the intensity of the luminaires that are connected through a current regulator of intensity


The application allows, with radiofrequency, to carry out a programming schedule that may regulate light intensity depending on the specific needs that are required at each time during operation. With this a decrease in consumption is achieved reducing therefore costs .


Intensity of lighting can be regulated gradually. From 0 (luminaires turned off) to 100 (luminaires at their maximum power). This can be done in intermediate steps, therefore and optimal performance can be achieved since the luminaires will be regulated and adjust to the necessary consumption, without having to incur in any additional costs.


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