In addition to improving city life, environmental policies contribute towards an overall benefit for the whole planet. A reduction in energy consumption means fewer emissions of greenhouse gases.


DALED® work to ensure more efficient lighting. It is everybodys commitment.


Lower investment, efficiency.

It saves since the 50% of energy.  DALED®  save your bills. With the investment of DALED®, your bills can be paid.


A complete System efficient and easily.

Safe management, providing a reduction and an accurate control of energy consumption, creating a lighting system more efficient and eco-friendly.

A product designed to last.

The 15 years warranty (facilities with an annual operating 4,000 hours, OUTDALED AND INDUSTRIALDALED) guarantee the durability of the product, with a lifespan from  75,000 to 100.00  hours.


A firm commitment with the environment.

It does not produce visual pollution; the distribution of light is a direct focus and the light is uniform; without noxious emissions for the environment; without high temperatures; DALED® is complying with the Kyoto Protocol and the current regulations.


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19171, Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara)




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